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Thread: unable to boot ubuntu, getting "grub>" prompt on boot screen

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    unable to boot ubuntu, getting "grub>" prompt on boot screen

    I am trying to Triple-Boot w/ Mountain Lion10.8.2, Ubuntu and Windows7.
    System Configuration is -

    • Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 processor.
    • Motherboard: Intel chipset with AHCI enabled.
    • 4GB of memory.
    • 500 GB of internal hard disk space attached to Intel SATA controller running in AHCI mode.

    We have made three partitioned, two 100-100 GB partitioned for MAC and Linux and 300 GB partitioned for Windows.

    We have successfully installed MAC OS X and Window 7.

    On windows we have downloaded the latest wubi.exe and follow the steps mentioned in guide . After latest Ubuntu has been downloaded and it has been extracted successfully, it asked to re-start the system.

    Once we restarted the system, on boot screen, we are getting only "grub>" prompt. We pressed TAB and see options. Tried different options like - "Boot", "configfile", "linux", "continue" but it asked for file-name. What file-name we need to specified?

    We have installed Linux on D:/ partition where we can see Ubuntu folder. What we need to type after "grub>" prompt on boot screen? Do we need to specified any file name located in D drive?
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    Re: unable to boot ubuntu, getting "grub>" prompt on boot screen

    Welcome to the forums. Is this a Mac as we cannot support any violation of Apples TOS.

    But wubi does not work on gpt partitioned drives. Not sure if it with Windows on a Mac the hybrid MBR will support wubi or not in the Windows MBR portion.
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