I have a dual boot of Ubuntu 10 4 and XP Pro and have three user accounts set up on both.

It is when I am in the main user account that is the one that the computer starts in automatically that I have the problem that the XP section of the drive is no where to be found.
It has not always been like that, it is just over the last couple of weeks or so

Although it is found if I log out of the first user account and into any of the others.

I have looked in places and tried to search for it through the MY computer but for some reason it is not there.
There is a file that only has numbers and letters like 746C464764 for example if I go through My Computer/Files system and down to Media but it states I do not have the permissions to open that file.

I am wondering if there is something not right with what ever maps out the system in this user account as I have also been having problems trying to use dd rescue for an external drive that I asked about on here.