I've been trying to install an old copy of Dragon Naturally speaking ver 5 on my ubuntu 12.04 lts via Wine 1.5.21 on a 64bit pc.

All was going swimmingly, until a 'register now' window popped up, and everything froze.
I used the Ctrl-PrtSc-Alt-reisub method to escape, then after rebooting tried again. Various attempts followed to try both uninstalling/repairing/modifying the installation, but at some stage(variable) the mouse freezes.

I've read various threads concerning the general approach to removing packages, but I would like to know if the simplest might be to remove Wine and reinstall it.
My reasoning is that one consistent pop up I get says

C:/windows/ is either a root directory or is reserved for Windows use.
Please select a different directory to install Naturally Speaking
so I assumed that a deletion/reinstall might clear this, as I can't see how I can choose another directory ?

Please advise,