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Thread: avg salary CCIE makes

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    avg salary CCIE makes

    Guys I came across a link
    they claim to get you a highly paid job.
    Upto what extent is that true I mean the salaries of CCIE people?

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    Re: avg salary CCIE makes

    It depends a lot on your experience and your location. I've seen people with CCNPs that don't know jack as you have only to pass the exams. CCIE is probably the hardest cert out there.

    In the USA you can expect US$100k+ a year easily.

    Back in the day ('96) when I applied to a US agency they offered about US$60k for a CCNA.

    But you have to consider that things have changed and certain CCIE tracks pay more than others.

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    Re: avg salary CCIE makes

    Meh, the problem is, at the place i live, theres only CCNA avaliable.
    I finished it with no problem, traduction of course material are really bad.

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    Re: avg salary CCIE makes

    Thanks for the info, guys. I completed my CCIE (RnS) last year and am working right now towards my JNCIE (again, RnS). Could you please let me know if the JNCIE would add to the salary that I can get in the US.

    Also, my understanding is that a candidate who has expert certifications from both Cisco and Juniper can get into any of the following fields:

    -- consulting
    -- teaching/training
    -- testing (throw in PERL knowledge too)
    -- network architect

    From your experience, what are the other roles that you think such a candidate will fit into...?


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    Re: avg salary CCIE makes

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