I recently removed my ubuntu installation from my computer so I could repartition my hard drive into a more organized fashion. I was successful but then tried to wubi install ubuntu 12.10 and decided I would like to reallocate my partitions so that i wouldn't have any unallocated memory left over. Using minitool partition wizard, i tried to reallocate my space, but ended up making my computer unable to boot into windows 7. After various attempts to fix my computer, I am stuck at the point where when I use my installation CD for Windows 7 the recovery tool knows I have a Windows 7 install somewhere on my hard drive with a certain amount of memory but says its location is unknown. The startup repair doesn't fix anything even after completing "successfully" after forty minutes or so. Also at first the C:/ drive was my hard disk and another drive, D:/ I believe, was my Recovery drive. After the partition fail, those two letters were swapped when I accessed the recovery tool command prompt. In my desperation I ran boot repair to try and restore Windows booting, which I believe now in my noobiness was not a good idea. Now my D drive is a drive that says EFI as a folder which I believe holds boot information for ubuntu which I no longer have installed. I do not see my partition in command prompt, but I do see it as a gparted partition when I run LiveUSB ubuntu, even though I cannot access my files. If I had an external hard drive to save my Windows drive to I would have earlier. I understand if my computer is beyond repair, but I thought I would ask the community for some help Thanks