Hi everybody,

i've been using my Wacom Bamboo tablet to do cartoons and stuff but i'm having troubles with the drawing tools. Currently i am trying to combine the facilities of 3 different programs: Gimp, MyPaint and Inkscape Vector. Each one has certain advantages and disadvantages, but it's a cumbersome process to combine the 3 for a drawing.
Gimp is a very good tool, but i find its pens and brushes very restrictive or limited. MyPaint, on the other hand, has got a very good selection of traces, pens, brushes, etc. but otherwise is a very limited program. And none of them works with vectorized shapes (triangles, circles, squares, etc.) which forces me to work with Inkscape vector, that is gain very limited otherwise.
I am currently using Ubuntu 11.10, Inkscape 0.48, Gimp 2.6.11 and MyPaint 0.9.1.
Can anyboby help?