Hi All:
Mythbuntu 12.04 running 2:0.26.0+fixes latest to date.
I asked this question on the mailing list a few weeks back. I was told that this may be a bug that has been fixed. I figured after latest updates it would be fixed, but it's not.
As an example. I have the news set to record at 10 every day. I sometimes will be watching live tv on the channel that records the news. If I am watching live tv, then the recording does not show up in the watch recordings list. I can however go to the livetv group and it is there.
If I am not watching tv, the recording shows in the watch recordings as usual.
I would consider this a bug, as it did not happen on mythtv .25. But to be honest I do not know where to submit the bug ticket. Or do I know how to search to see if this is a current bug.
So I guess my question is,
Is this a bug? If so, where/how to submit a ticket?
Yes, the recording filter is set to show all.
Thanks to all.