I'd like to discuss with you the HW choices for mobile Ubuntu devices. Just recently I purchased Rikomagic MK802 IIIS Android mini PC. It has an alpha support of booting Ubuntu. It would be absolutely great if this device could run Ubuntu TV, which was announced a year ago. Unfortunately AFAIK there is still no device officially supported which can run Ubuntu TV.

I'm wondering why there is this lack of HW running Ubuntu. I would like to see a tablet with Ubuntu, a USB mini PC running Ubuntu TV, something like Asus PadPhone running Ubuntu Phone or an ARM notebook (like Samsung Chromebook with Ubuntu).

I see a lot of opportunities where Ubuntu would fit perfectly. Unfortunately there are no real products. I'm wondering why. What is the main problem? GPU and other HW drivers? The HW makers are afraid of innovative things? At least in China it doesn't look so to me...

Do you know any interesting devices which can run Ubuntu?