Thanks for the interest first of all. I altered my original plan, after burning UStudio 64 bit to disk, I then downloaded the 32 bit version and burned it. I got the 32 bit version loaded (ha ha) today and am about done fooling with computing for the day. I put it on a separate HDD so when I want to do music I can boot to that drive (until I get the studio version fully functional as my desktop with browser, mail and other functions). At a glance I didn't notice what I think of as a monster, "Unity", if true, I'll be truly thankful (don't like that at all).

Anyhow, I'll do more research as per I've sort of looked at the studio community url before. What I saw was oversimplified to be of much help IMO of the time. It is likely worth going back. The workflows page might also be quite helpful/useful. I do think I understand the basics of JACK but have yet to actually try putting item of software into and out from it.

No worries about the muse confuse, language is difficult at best, well maybe just for me.

As to cakewalk and what my normal is:
I put songs together by recording actual sound, through my PA system.
1. Inputs of sound (microphone >>>> PA mixer >>>>> computer soundcard >>>> hardware/software interface >>>> digital audio file _.wav) guitars, piano or other instruments along with vocals, each recorded individually on separate digital tracks. 2. I add and write midi tracks of bass, drums, individual strings, maybe even woodwinds and horns, (what ever is desired) again in individual tracks ( _.mid).
3. Adding effects where desired (reverb etc.)
4. Then the mixing process. All those individual tracks need sound level adjustment for the right mixture of tonal quality, in sterio.
5. the mixdown conversion the final _.wav or _.mp3 output file.

6. I also use the music notation program that interfaces with the midi (as its source to mimic for notation) to make a printable music chart for copyright purposes. I also sometimes integrate the lyric view (which uses an interface through midi) to write the melody for the lyric and places it in musical score/notation.

I can only hope at this point, that I can end up with something sort of equivalent. Being disabled unemployable, money is a big issue. I both don't want another windoze machine, nor can I afford the $600 or more, for a new equivalent program to cakewalk. The proprietary get the money stuff that exists, is for other people now. I do so wish I were more of a computer geek, able to write code and or even look at it, knowing what I was seeing!

Again thanks for the interest and tips. I'll be getting back to it, that is for sure..