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    Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Not a new member. But the last time I logged on was May 21, 2007. I apparently joined in 2005. I had to recover my account name, because I couldn't remember it.
    I have been a MS user forever, and an MCSE since 2000. I've made my living supporting systems, on various OS's, but MS primarily.
    I've played with Linux over the years, but I think I've switched for good. I installed Windows 8 about 3 weeks ago. I tried to like it. I just can't. It's a slap in the face to long time users that they are forced to adopt this new style. I can't imagine supporting a large desktop migration to Windows 8.
    ( I previously supported desktops in a 65000 user enterprise.)
    So, for the holidays, I wiped Windows 8, and installed Ubuntu 12.10. I had a couple of VM's running in Hyper-V on the Win8 box, and had a Win7 VM that I use only for banking, fortunately in Virtualbox.
    I installed Virtualbox, setup my Win7 VM, then built an Ubuntu server VM and installed some "secret software" on that box.
    I installed the Steam Beta (not that I play games much, but just to see) and spent some time finding where everything is. Gnome is the last desktop I remember...
    Anyway, I intend to stay this time.
    Already have a few issues, like X locking up, but I'm sure it will work out....
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