Hi, I have looked around but all discussions regarding this seems to end around 2009.
The eeepc is currently dual booting ubuntu 10.10 and win vista.

vista only boots some of the time, but when it does it works great.

ubuntu runs great except for internet browsing, which is dog dead slow, doesnt matter the browser, firefox, chrome, etc. and anything to do with graphics.

ive tried numersous things to get the graphics going to see if thats the issue, i.e. not using any drivers but that which came with, installing official ones, non-official ones etc. running metaciy, or the other ones, or running wiithout any of the fancy visuals. including installing the latest ubuntu flash, from various sources,, the latest non ubuntu specific ones, the linux make do ones.....nothing seems to help.

I have forgotten most of what I went through to get averything working from feisty, plus a lot has changfeed since then, and I'm not going through it all again unles there is no other option bar going skint for the first half of next year.

My son want to be able to play the odd windows games/run the odd windows programs through wine or maybe virtual box, (not paying another penny to micro$oft so dual boots or vb images will have to be donated licence keys).
He wants to be able to play certain browser games, like angry birds, CN games and lego hero factory are deal breakers (else we have to exchange his birthday present for something else that will not last him the expense).

But he also needs to be able to do his school work on it, and learn other computer related stuff, as well as general watching streaming/dl'd vids etc...

We want this to last him until it physically breaks or is no longer capable for him to do school work upon.

So, basically, which is the best os to have on this eeepc that can do what we want it do. Was thinking of just upgrating to the latest lts 12.xx and fiddling from there, but cant seem to find any info on it for this eeepc.