You closed the topic, Ubuntu is spying you

According the , which you will find here: http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php?page=policy :
Appeals: If you have a complaint about a staff action or believe an action was taken in error, the process for dealing with that is to first post in the Resolution Center and a member of the Forum Council will respond. You may appeal to the entire Forum Council if you are unsatisfied. After these avenues have been exhausted, you may open a complaint with the Ubuntu Community Council.
... I'm here to ask you: WHY?
It was just a poll and you closed it on your rage! NOT logically!

You're against the users freedom! I opened that thtread to discuss but you dropped me/us in your mind prison!

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Please use Launchpad to rise up against Canonical.
Funnily enough people have been flogging this dead horse for months now.

The matter is enough important to oft-discuss. why not flogging the horse repeatedly when it is denying you? HOW do you think it is a dead one?

waiting for your answer......

I want the staff team Sto open the toppic, please!


Rigards, Kian.