Hi guys,

Today I used ssh from a remote laptop using my mobile hotspot to log into a home PC and using rsync told it to do an update of some files.

As I was using my mobile hotsopt, it got me wondering how much of an effect it was having on my mobile data allowance. The files I was backing up were on the home PC and were just being backed up to an external HDD which was plugged into that PC.

The question I have (as I'm fairly new to using ssh) is does all the traffic i.e. the backup files travel to the laptop I was logging in from and back again to the home pc's external HDD, or does it all just happen back at home locally (I hope so otherwise I may get a shock when I get my next bill ) and just send the details to the terminal on my laptop?

I only started wondering about this as it appeared to be taking longer than i would usually expect for those files to be copied from one spot to another had I been at home and physically transferring a copy them from one spot to another myself.