So, I have a question about TRIM. If I've read correctly, I have it enabled on my SSD. But do I need it enabled on the SWAP partition? I also have my /boot on a separate partition, do I need to enable TRIM on that somehow?

I read somewhere that those partitions also need it. But I'm not sure.

My question gets more complicated also. I have full disk-encryption set up. So I have TRIM enabled (discard) in my fstab and my crypttab.

I have an encrypted container, within which has logical volumes for my root drive and my swap space.

In crypttab, there is only one entry for the encrypted container. So I added discard to that.

But in my fstab, I only added "discard" to my root drive. Is that a problem? Do I need to add it to swap space.

What about boot? Its not encrypted, but its still on the SSD. I know it isn't used much, but would it still be wise to use TRIM (discard) on it as well?

So, TL;DR -- Do I need TRIM enabled on SWAP or /boot partitions? And second, if I have full-disk encryption, do I need to enable TRIM on all logical volumes, or is enabling it in crypttab enough?