I have a strange problem with virtual box. I installed Ubuntu 12.10 64bit on a new ultrabook (Wortmann Terra Mobile 1450 II, Intel i7-3517U).
After I tried different VirtualBox installations from the softwarecenter and synaptec which were not working, I followed this installation guide: http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/10/inst...untu-1210.html
Virtualbox is now running - also USP 2 Support is available.
I have two guest systems from my old pc (ubuntu 12.04 32bit) - Win7 and a Lubuntu system.

The strange situation is, after I start one of these guest systems, after some seconds during the booting of the guest my host system (!) crashes and reboots. This is really strange. This behavior is independent if I start the win7 guest or the lubuntu guest.

Have anybody seen such an issue. Thanks for any help or hints.