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Thread: window managers

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    Question window managers

    Hi to everyone,

    I just installed Ubuntu but do not care for the window manager that is standard. I am too used to the older designs. I'd rather use icewm or kdewm or jwm or an old gnome. I used the software center and downloaded some of the kde files. There are many. I expected to find a "master" kde file to download which would include all the dependencies but apparently each part of kde is listed separately. Confusing.

    My question is simply: Once that I have installed another wm how do I effect the change to that wm? I logged out thinking that the login screen would offer a wm change but no...

    How do I actually change to another installed wm?


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    Re: window managers

    Clicking on the Ubuntu donut (top right corner) of the login screen will not work?

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    Re: window managers

    This site will be helpful for installing and removing different desktop environments.

    Gnome 2 is no longer supported by Gnome and the closest environments are Gnome Classic from the software center or the 3rd party Mate based on Gnome 2. There is a PPA for Mate and it is optional in Linux Mint.
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    Re: window managers

    In addition to the fine advice above, I'll add that you can do a full install of KDE with one click by installing the package kubuntu-desktop.

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    Re: window managers

    the kde-plasma-desktop installs only a minimal KDE desktop without installing all those unnecessary KDE applications that comes with the kubuntu-desktop, for me this is the best solution to run KDE and Ubuntu-desktop together.
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    Re: window managers



    might be more what you are looking for... it doesn't have the massive dependancies of Kde, but it does still have some bling and customization options. It is a very pleasant alternative to Gnome2.
    Of course you can still install jwm (but you need to manually copy the config file into your ~/ directory ... if you remember JWM runs from .jwmrc, which is not installed by default. You can also install icewm as well. all of this is accessed by logging out, and choosing the appropriate option, and logging back in


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