I'm trying to set up a dual boot between Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I'm also looking to have windows bootloader as my primary one, and for it to let me select if I want to start W7 or Ubuntu when I power up my pc.

I downloaded version 12.04 LTS from the Ubuntu website, and burned it to a DVD as pr the instructions on the site. The installation process worked fine but in the end when the computer was going to reboot in order to finish the installation process it got stuck on a screen with the following text:

* Checking battery state [OK]
* Stopping System V runlevel compatibility [OK]
acpid: exiting
Checking for running unattended upgrades:
speech- dispatcher disabled;
edit/etc/delfault/speech dispatcher
*Asking all remaining processes to terminate [OK]

I had to kill the power in the end. After restarting the computer went straight into Windows. I then went into BIOS and set Ubuntu as my primary boot, rebooted and got the following message: unknown file sytem, grub rescue.

Any advice?