I'm setting up a new FOXCONN nt-3550 and pairing it with an HD Homerun and my Epson Home Cin 8100 and Yamaha receiver for a hometheater & DVR.

I installed Mythubuntu and got everything running while testing - or so I thought bcs I was testing with headphones. When I hooked it up to my receiver via HDMI - there is NO AUDIO. I tried every which way in the MythTV setup.....and only got sound from the headphone jack and the internal speaker.

Under my SETTINGS Tab for MYTHUBUNTU....there is nothing referring to AUDIO/SOUND....which is where I would expect to find it. Under the SETTINGS MANAGER Tab, again...nothing relating to sound. Every other hardware section is represented there so I would expect to find SOUND or AUDIO.

How do I add Audio to my MYTHUBUNTU install? My Linux knowledge is ...um.....BASIC (but I'm learning )

I ***-U-ME there's a string I needed to run in Terminal....or an Audio driver to add? Sorry, but nothing on Foxconn site or Newegg's that tells me anything about the Audio....maker....chip....driver....ZIP! So I can't provide that info.