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Thread: Mint 14 Nadia with Gala and Slingshot, and without Cinnamon

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    Mint 14 Nadia with Gala and Slingshot, and without Cinnamon

    Yesterday, I wrote about Mint 14 becoming, Mint Elementary, but the thread had been moved to "December screenshots."

    I thought the photos would say more than words, so the screenshots.

    I had made SolusOS 2 Alpha, a Debian distro to take in Ubuntu ppas and work with Gala and old Slingshot. I like SolusOSvery much, and that's why I did that.

    This time, I took Mint 14 and made it work with Gala and new Slingshot of eOS and while still working in "Cinnamon session" work without Cinnamon. I am not very keen on Mint. Now, it is nothing, but Cinnamon and Mate. The engine is Ubuntu Quantal. It is a simple Ubuntu based distro.

    So, this Mint 14 is not Cinnamon, not Mate, but Elementarished Mint.
    And, if I drop all the Mint applications, it becomes another Ubuntu-Elementary distribution.
    If I install all the new applications of eOS, it becomes Elementary Luna, even with the shiny greeter of eOS Luna.

    Elementary Luna has a lot of potential, at least their applications, base and especially the window manager - Gala!

    Note the memory usage, without Cinnamon!

    Of course, I didn't want to go through the hassle, as I wouldn't use Linux Mint for daily work.

    Good day!
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