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Use synaptic package manager or the jockey tool (additional drivers) & disable/remove the nVidia proprietary driver.

The nouveau driver is already installed as part of the kernel & distro.

The /var/log/Xorg.0.log will reveal which driver has claimed the GPU adapter.

Have you bought an old 8400GS ? I guess you are stuck with AGP?

Most (all) modern digital TVs do not allow native resolution over VGA (analogue hole) so HDMI connection should be better.
i believe I have removed all the nvidia binaries to the best of my knowledge, i posted my latest Xorg.0.log, did you not notice it a couple posts back? Nothing shows up at all in Jockey (additional hardware drivers menu item)

I have an AsRock 775Dual-VSTA which has 1 PCIe @4x mode and the AsRock website shows that a 8400GS PCIe will work with it so I bought one. I was just hoping to get this Nvidia GeForce 6200 working with Nouveau within 10.04.4 since it works with 1440x900 within a live usb install in 12.04.