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Forgot to mention but my Powerbook has an NVidia graphics chipset. And btw just realized both the network AND the audio do work, since I can listen to a web radio, that's cool. Also, I can access a 8GB usb flash drive I just plugged, wayyyyy nicer than being in single mode, not to mention Open Firmware.

Also, I changed the desktop background to a fixed colour, I chose green which obviously shows... a perfect black ^^, but at least now I'm not bothered by the psychedelic background

I've tried browsing the internal hard drive, which like I said is about to fail terminally, want to recoup a bunch of files, but I'm having problems accessing certain folders, get a message saying I don't have the "permissions necessary to view the contents of" the folder, eg my Desktop folder... any idea why that is ?
maybe you must be root (sudo )

but if you use live cd do you get this too ??