Hey all - I've spent over 10 hours trying to undo a stupid mistake I made... I converted my dual-booted iMac harddrive to dynamic, rendering it unbootable. Now despite my best efforts, I've been unable to convert it back to basic. I've tried everything from PartitionWizard to EaseUS, each throwing it's own unique error that no one has addressed on the webs.

That brings me to you fine folk - I've booted in ubuntu using a live disc and selecting the "try it" option, and can view my files on the drive from the OS. Cool! I then type gksudo nautilus in the command terminal, open up macintosh HD and navigate to an mp3 file in my user's itunes folder, and attempt to copy and paste it to my Ubuntu desktop. I'm displayed the error: There was an error copying the file into /home/ubuntu/Desktop. Error opening file: Permission denied.

Now, I have read a bunch of other forum posts with people having similar issues, and each one says 'use gksudo nautilus' or 'sudo nautilus' and it just works. Not the case here. Can anyone help? Is it because it's a dynamic disk?