Ok so here's my problem.

I've been having issues with my AMD Radeon HD 6450 and ubuntu since I've bought it.
when I use the open source driver I get screan tear (when moving windows on the desktop and scrolling for example), I can fix this by installing fglrx and enabling "tear free desktop" in Catalyst Control Center. Then moving windows works fine without screan tear.
But when I use the fglrx driver I get horrible choppy scrolling in Firefox, especially with the smooth scrolling option enabled. (which went smoothly with the open source driver but with tear)

I've had this issue on 12.04 (kubuntu ubuntu xubuntu) and now I still have it on 12.10 (atleast on xubuntu).
The graphics card works fine on windows.

I'd like to be able to use fglrx without the choppy scrolling in firefox.

Soooo.. Any Ideas?