Hi, I was just wondering if you all could give me some feedback about my security model on my laptop.

I work for a company where I handle clients personal information, and I travel a lot. I need Windows to run some software that I need on the job, and it does not run in Wine. I also have to connect to public Wi-Fi's a lot so I like to use Ubuntu for that.

Here is how my laptop is setup:

1) On the Hard Drive I have dual booted Windows Vista and Ubuntu 12.04

2) I use Lubuntu on a flash drive to handle clients data, email others, and handle some online banking

I was wondering if that sounds secure to you?

I am not really worried about someone stealing the flash drive because I always unplug it and keep it in my pocket when I am not using it.

I also had some questions, I never boot into Windows or Ubuntu with the flash drive plugged in, but I do insert the flash drive when the computer is turned off, is there a possibility that a Windows virus could some how steal data off of it while the laptop is turned off or booting?

And I have heard about AppArmour and Firewalls for Linux, I don't have any of that installed (unless it comes by default), should I worry about it?

Thank you for your feedback!

P.S I am not very good with computers so keep it simple!