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Thread: We need a Project to rival Creative Suite

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    Lightbulb We need a Project to rival Creative Suite

    I'm probably not the only one who has suggested this, but the open-source community really needs to start a project gathering all the creative tools together and improving them to professional standards. They need new names and stuff like CMYK support.

    I've got a rough list of products we need to rival and what we have currently.

    GIMP (CMYK from Juan Carlo) - Photoshop
    Inkscape - Illustrator
    Scribus - Indesign
    ??? (Spin on Blender?) - After Effects
    Evince (needs some annotating and creation code) - Acrobat Reader
    BlueGriffon - Dreamweaver
    Synfig - Flash
    ??? (Improve and make openshot more advanced?) - Premier
    Ardour - Audition
    Darktable - Lightroom

    We need some new names and other things. Please leave suggestions below and try and spread word we need a project like this.
    Name suggestions:
    - Libre Graphics Suite (credit to ssam)

    I bid you a good day
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