Okay, before I get a bunch of posts saying this relates to another thread, I will admit, yes it does. This is related, however it is a new question. If yo would like to see what this question derives from you can go here...


My computer seems fine now (after a chkdisk fixed the multiple errors on the file system), but I am wondering why the computer ONLY overheated in windows.

When I was taking a unix class (and we all ran a distro of linux...being a community college and all), I wanted to know why the start up times on our distro were so fast. My professor said that the windows kernel has way more lines of code than the linux kernel. I do not know for sure if that is true, but I would not be surprised. It is because of this, I am wondering if there is some BIOS code that only activates within windows.

I am honestly very curious, if it isn't something software specific with the BIOS (or some hardware setting that only windows sets), then why would it only happen on windows and not linux?