I've been on Ubuntu for quite awhile now. Since the shift to Unity I was less than fully happy with the look and feel of the new Unity/Ubuntu desktop, but I have stuck with it and I grew used to it in spite of a few stability issues, mostly due to nVidia drivers, I suppose.

When the new 12.10 came out I went for a clean install of the 64-bit system (as I usually do). The stability's gotten even worse, Compiz keeps crashing and while using Oracle's VirtualBox to run an instance of Windows (yes, I do bloody need Windows to an extent, so back off ) or Thunderbird mail client, the rather nice window selection feature you get by clicking on the active sidebar icon for the 2nd time keeps locking up, I am currently, after doing yet another fresh install, in the process of installing one or two alternative desktops which have proven to be more stable. This is rather unfortunate as Unity kind of grew on me (like some sort of persistent rash).

I was wondering, as I do seem to be one of the many facing these problems, have any of you noticed less problems with the 32 bit version or is it just more of the same? Is it worth going to 32-bit, will I gain more stability by it?