I have been looking all over the web trying to get a good how two on building a linux Kiosk.

I think i have pretty much got it to where i want it to be except these 2 issues. I guess really they are 1 issue just different ways to go about it.

1. Find a way to automatically log the user off if firefox is closed
2. automatically launch firefox in TWM instead of gnome, and also auto logout if it is closed.

I am doing this on ubuntu 10.04LTS.
i have firefox automatically loading and the user automatically loging in. It loads in kiosk mode via the rkiosk extension. but they can still alt+f4 and close it to get to a gnome session. I need to be able to do one of the following above with it.

I have used this as my main resource on getting this setup but have not been able to solve my current issues.