I am a Ubuntu 'newbie' and have occasionally posted on the Absolute Beginner Section, with regard to various questions I have had about posting. A few days ago, I posted regarding a difficulty with a YouTube download, where I could not get an .asf file to load in my computer. An administrator came on to the thread, closed it, and issued an 'infraction' to me. I inquired as to the infraction, asking whether it was meant to protect copyrighted material on YouTube (of which I stated that I was not doing) and I was advised of the forum's policy regarding any downloads from YouTube, was against YouTube's current EULA to download any videos anymore. A link to the main section of the forum was sent to me, indicating the YouTube sticky. After a number of emails back and forth, it was suggested that I post my queries in the resolution portion of the forum. My last query is as follows: My basic position is as follows: a. The Absolute Beginners Section (where most beginners will directly go), does not indicate this 'sticky' nor indicate any mention of a YouTube download policy. It is therefore somewhat discreditable to enforce such policies on forum areas where they have not been publicised, particularly in areas such as 'Absolute Beginners', which, by definition, would presume a lack of Ubuntu/forum experience. b. Citing one paragraph, out of context, from the YouTube policy is discrepant and inaccurate. YouTube allows downloads of videos wherein permission from Licensors (other than YouTube) have been given, as is evidenced by the one paragraph from their EULA that you quote. Such permission is evident in the myriad of YouTube entries wherein the download link has been supplied, and apparently, approved by YouTube. c. It is necessary to understand the premise behind YouTube's policy, wherein they are attempting to enforce copyright protection for commercial purposes. Frankly, it is questionable whether the majority of the uploaders (Licensors) 'own' or have any rights to the videos that they have uploaded. It is presumed that most music mixes, videos taken from TV broadcasts, etc., do not have that right. Yet, YouTube allows these uploads. It is additionally interesting that, under section 5.L of their TOS, they specify that videos are not to be downloaded 'permanently or temporarily', yet, in fact, ALL YouTube videos are 'temporarily' downloaded to any computer that accesses them. d. Ubuntu itself provides a program for downloading content from YouTube. It would be safe to assume that such a program presupposes the 'honesty' and compliance of any regulations, of any downloader. I do not believe that it is within the perimeters of any forum to 'judge' my ho nesty, compliance and/or intent. As the link you have provided does not allow me to forward my response to whatever administrators handle such matters, may I ask that you be good enough to forward same to the proper recipient. While an 'infraction' does not necessarily impede my further use of Ubuntu and/or the forum, I do wish that my objection be voiced. Thank you.