In trying out different distros, I've been using the same /home partition to keep my login the same. Was on Mint for a while. Just tried Fuduntu and not caring for it, I installed Xubuntu 12.04.

Problem is that when I go to login with my same old user name, it appears to accept my credentials and initiate the login. But then it appears to crash and I'm returned back to the login window.

I used the guest account to login and add a new user, under which I can login okay. So I suspect the problem is that the old user has some kind of invalid parameter in an initialization file that Xubuntu doesn't like. Problem is, I don't know where to begin looking:

1. Is there a log file of some sort that would detail the reason for a failed login?

2. Any ideas what init file to look at for the invalid parameter that Xubuntu is having a problem with?

I suppose if worst comes to worst, I can just copy all my files over to the new user and stick with that. But if for no other reason than the learning experience, I'd like to solve the problem with the original user account.