I've been able to follow instructions in these threads and on the Ubuntu community help wiki Aiptek page to get my old Aiptek tablet working in 12.04 - partially. However, I have the often mentioned problem that once I press on the stylus it doesn't register the pen being lifted. In gimp I can see the pressure sensitivity is working, but once I'm drawing I can't stop. It also messes with the buttons of my other pointers, so they don't register any clicks.

I have a feeling the problem could be the tablet simultaneously sending events as a tablet via /dev/input/eventX and as a mouse through the aggregate device /dev/input/mice. I have this feeling because years ago when I had this tablet working in linux changing my mouse device in X to something like /dev/input/mouse0 fixed the problem.

The difficulty I have in testing this theory is that I can't work out how to do this with the new way Xorg configurations work. Can anyone tell me how to force Xorg to NOT use /dev/input/mice?