I have a Ubisurfer netbook with a strange version of Linux installed, uname -a reports:

"Linux pocketsurfer #281 Thu Jul 9 09:32:26 EDT 2009 armv5tejl unknown"

I've been trying to find out what the wifi device is, but commands such as lspci aren't recognised by the system, which makes it somewhat difficult to get anywhere. Any spec lists online tell you the official wifi spec of the module, but nothing about its model number or make.

I have tried connecting to various wifi networks, but no such luck. Since I haven't been able to find the wifi module, and since this version of Linux seems to be quite limited, I'm wondering whether there is another distro that will work with this laptop and is still up to date.

So, does anyone have experience with this netbook, and if so, how can I solve the bloomin wifi not working?