I don't know if anyone here has encountered this or not, but here goes...

I just replaced a couple of Windows servers running SQL Server with Ubuntu 12.04 and PostgreSQL. The install is fine, but the console won't work with our Raritan Dominion KXII KVM (KMM, whichever you prefer). The KVM can't handle the resolution of the Ubuntu console. Apparently, the console runs at 1280x1024. I need it to run at a display just like RedHat/Fedora/CentOS use, 720x400, and may even need to change the font to get it to work. Basically, the RedHat-based systems use the old 80x25 (80x24?) character display and it works with the KVM. The higher resolution on the Ubuntu server creates a display that has a wider and higher character count (not sure what it is though).

Does anyone know how to change this? I can't do jack with the servers until this is fixed.

Thank you all,