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Thread: 12.10 RC Images live now!

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    Re: 12.10 RC Images live now!

    Quote Originally Posted by ventrical View Post
    At this stage of development Quantal has greatly stablized and now may be a good a time as any. It is rock-solid Ubuntu at it's best.
    Agreed, for me a very good release. No major problems noted while I've been running Ubuntu over the last couple of weeks. I've reported or confirmed a couple of bugs but nothing serious enough to stop me using 12.10.

    Quote Originally Posted by ventrical View Post
    If you want to play it safe then try Kubuntu instead. It has behaved exceptionally well through this most recent whole development process.
    I'm still using my Kubuntu installation dating from early June, i.e. Alpha 1. But then recent Kubuntu development cycles are always like this, at least that's been my experience.

    Edit: Lubuntu on my netbook has behaved itself too.
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