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Thread: [gnome] Evolution never prompts for a password

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    Exclamation [gnome] Evolution never prompts for a password

    Hey, I just installed the beta 2 a week or so ago, and since then I have been trying to get Evolution set up. I installed Gnome 3.6 to replace unity and have been enjoying it aside from this issue. I'm not entirely sure what is causing it, but during account setup, Evolution just doesn't ask for a password. It lets me finish the setup however and opens Evolution to empty folders. When I navigate to -> Edit -> Preferences, the mail account I just setup (albeit without a password) doesn't show up to be edited... Evolution also doesn't create the .evolution folder in my home folder.

    When I quit Evolution, I have to go through the account setup again, and it NEVER asks for my password!! I've gone over the imap and smtp settings by hand (I'm using Gmail so it tries to do it automatically) and everything is correct, but still no password prompt. This is really getting on my nerves because I enjoy the calendar feature Gnome has.

    Now I'm unsure what is causing this issue, because it could be a number of things. Gnome 3.6, Ubuntu 12.10 or even the latest release of Evolution. Anyway, I googled around and apparently no one else has this issue. I'd appreciate some help, thanks!
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