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Thread: Problems with 12.10 beta2 64bit

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    Post Problems with 12.10 beta2 64bit

    Dear all,

    I have had to install 12.10 (beta2) 64 bit 3 times to make it work on my Dell XPS 14Z and still have some problems:

    1) The system does not seem to recognize or to be able to use the video card
    GE Force GT 550 M (it seems I am not the only one with this problem);

    2) The log file viewer (gnome-version), although installed, will not open.

    With best wishes, Chico Miraglia

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    Re: Problems with 12.10 beta2 64bit

    I'll wait until tomorrow for the 12.10 64bit.

    I usually open text files alike:
    cd /where/is/it
    gedit file.txt

    or cat file.txt

    or in short:
    cat /wher/is/it/fil*


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