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Thread: Problems with internet applications despite having the required packages - 12.04

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    Problems with internet applications despite having the required packages - 12.04


    I did not find any search results for this constellation of problems, so I decided to post a new thread for this.

    Despite a working broadband connection (I have already checked this with my ISP), I have problems with the following Internet applications:

    • Flash videos (such as Youtube) do not work despite having installed the correct flash plugins. When trying to play a video, the browser becomes very choppy with a never-ending "transferring data from address x" or "awaiting response from address x" at the bottom of the screen.
    • Gmail (through browser) works slowly and sending any e-mails does not work at all. When trying to send an e-mail, the browser gets stuck as with Youtube. I have an e-mail account to my university on a browser-based Outlook Web Application. The same problem appears: I can read my e-mail quite well (apparently because the application is lighter) but sending e-mails is impossible.
    • Facebook works very choppily and certain functions, such as accepting friend invitations, work on a very long delay or not at all (same as with Gmail)
    • Submitting filled-out forms (such as when registering an account on some website) works often very slowly or not at all. The same symptoms as with e-mail and Facebook.
    • In general, heavy pages with lots of content, such as newspaper homesites, work slower than my bandwidth (1 Mbit ADSL) should allow. They work nevertheless, although surfing is sometimes frustrating because of the delays. The general working of the operating system is also quite slow: there is a noticeable delay when launching applications from the left-side menu (I am using the Unity desktop).

    I mostly use my computer for videos/e-mail/Facebook, so these are the problems I encounter.

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with all the latest updates installed and the latest version of Firefox. I have tried different browsers, such as Opera and Epiphany, and the problem persisted. Earlier I had Ubuntu 8.04. It worked overall faster, but the problems with Internet were exactly the same. I used to have a parallel installation of Windows XP Pro with Internet Explorer, which had no problems with the above mentioned functions. It was a bit slow compared to the previous connection, but everything did work.

    My computer has a 1.8 GHz AMD Athlon 1800 XP+ CPU and 1.5 GB of RAM. I suppose this should be enough for Ubuntu 12.04 to work smoothly, but I'm not sure.

    My overview of the possible diagnostics:

    • Internet connection. It should be OK, because according to my ISP the line works smoothly and the speed is a full ~120 KB / sec. A curious coincidence, however, is that the Internet problems first appeared when I moved to a new apartment and at the same time changed the ISP. At that time I was still on 8.04. It is difficult to explain the Internet problems with the ISP, however, because with Windows everything worked alright even in the new place.
    • Operating system / browser. I have installed all the relevant plugins mentioned in the Ubuntu FAQ and Ubuntu Wiki, so I don't know what could be wrong.
    • Hardware?

    I am now considering switching my OS to Windows. I suppose other options could be finding a fix on 12.04 or finding some better (lighter?) Linux distro.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions/questions/help!

    EDIT: The problems with sending e-mails / Facebook and the general slowness of the OS were solved. The former was solved by setting the appropriate MTU in the network settings and the latter by changing to Lubuntu desktop. The problem with Flash remains, for which I started a new thread here.
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