been trying to talk to the isp people to no avail. I have some information about the system, but you guys would have to ask so I could get you that information. They supposedly changed the ip to a 10.71.xx.xx.xx address, but that did not work. When I released the ip it went to zeros, but then tried to renew and it didn't let me renew it.

Am thinking it might be a duplex issue - like the old 3com modem runs on full duplex and the system is at half duplex? let me know what you think and how to change it to full duplex. Do you think that's the problem?

Otherwise, let me know of any thing to look up about the system and I'll report back. the isp has not been helpful. I did switch modems and that appears to be fine (same type though..the tuts modem). As I said, I'm in a place with a lot of residences and did take the computer in another apartment to try it and the same thing happened, so it's something in the system I think that may need to be changed.

Let me know your thoughts and anything for me to try and to report. Thanks again...