With so much information being available on websites and online communities for Ubuntu, and other interests of mine I want to be able to record these down somewhere for easy reference in the future. Especially as I get older I tend to forget things!

I have considered the following:

  • Using Gedit or similar text editor
  • Using Basic HTML to create web pages
  • Online docs service like Google Docs
  • Libre Office or Microsoft Office and storing it on Ubuntu One(Sorry, whilst I love Ubuntu, Libre Office is not a patch on Microsoft Office in my view. Sorry controversial I know)
  • Installing a Wiki installed locally
  • Using Drupal or Joomla installed locally
  • Using Website Bookmarks (I'm concerned in case the website closes down)
  • Notepad and pen!
The sort of thing I am thinking of is for example how to install the applications I always want on a fresh install of Ubuntu. Also other interests such as books or TV shows I want to read, or gardens I want to visit.

I don't need to publish this to the world, although being able to access from any PC I am at may be useful.

Any advice or comments would be much appreciated.

Best wishes

Peter Jones