My Dell Mini 9 is dying. It lost the SSD yesterday and had been flaky, running hot and such.

I'd like to replace it with a Ubuntu only laptop. I know there are refurb places out there but they all come with Windows. I call it the Microsoft tariff. I've learned to manage without Windows and would like to stay that way. I'm typing this from my Shuttle Ubuntu desktop with a RAID 1.

I just wondered if there were any favorite places to buy refurbs and favorite models. I'd like something bigger than the Mini 9 but still light and quiet. It doesn't need a huge hard drive since it will have access to the server at home and it doesn't need a screaming processor since I'm a basic user.

A while back I'd checked some refurb sites and some had Ubuntu but they seemed expensive. If it comes OS free or Windows I'm just going to clobber it and redo the disk.

If you've had any laptop that had problems with Ubuntu I'd appreciate it so I can avoid them. I have found that some models can have driver issues.