As the title says-- I DL'd a fresh copy of Mthybuntu to load on a Dell OptiPlex 755 PC.

I'm doing my best to embrace and become a Linux and Ubuntu advocate! But it's beyond-frustrating when I can't play a simple audio CD! I went and put the audio CD's in my cheap $50 10 year old DVD player and they play FINE. But nope, not on Mythbuntu--the system designed for playing media!

Any fixes for all these problems out of the box?? It should not be this hard!! This is why Windows wins, which sucks.

Install went fine. I did a Front end w/ Back End install.

I have these failures out of box:

1. Can not mount or play audio dics's either from desktop nor from Myth front end. (Fixed the problem of unable to mount from desktop w/ fix found from another post.)

2. Can not play ripped audio disc from Myth front end after successful rip. (Library shows empty. Later encounters an error saying I don't have write permissions after I attempted to re-rip.)

3. After reboots of PC, get an error on Myth front end saying "Can not connect to backed database -- Are you sure it's running?" (Well I should hope it is running- it was installed!!)

4. Remote app for Android - i have it fully configured but get connection refused error when trying to connect. Other have reported this.