While Debian and Ubuntu (along with their respective derivatives) have been my distro of choice for many years, I've since started delving into the other side Linux. Non Debian/Ubuntu distros. I've tried quite a few over the past couple months. From the somewhat complicated (Arch, Gentoo) to the more user-friendly (Fedora, OpenSUSE).

Seems I've fallen in love with one in particular. Fuduntu. I recently installed Fudunto 2012.4. I love that it's a rolling release. It installed quickly and operates like a champ on my 5-year old Dell Dimension E520 desktop. I've enabled Fuduntu testing, and this baby is rock solid. I've really begun to appreciate RPM. And using Yumex (Yum Extender) over the default Software Center is wonderful.

I now have Fuduntu as the primary OS on my desktop.