Please help. I've been searching and searching (must not be figuring out the right search terms) and I can't find a solution to my issue.

The problem is that I can only use one CD or DVD per boot.

- reboot
- open DVD drive tray
- insert disc
- use disc normally
- eject disc
- close empty tray
- now, I can NEVER get the tray to open again until I reboot, hardware eject button on drive doesn't work, can't get the eject command to work

I've tried variations of the eject command:
- eject
- eject -r /dev/sr0
- sudo eject -r /dev/sr0
- eject -r
- gksudo eject /dev/cdrom1
- gksudo eject /dev/sr0

I really find it inconvenient to have to reboot in order to be able to insert more than one CD or DVD into the drive. I'm hoping someone out there has the solution. Thanks in advance for your help.