I'm trying to get the proper suspend/resume functionality in my desktop computer (Ubuntu 12.04). It's running MythTV (backend and frontend) with the help of Hauppauge 1300 DVB-T tuner card and doesn't work currently - after the resume myth is reporting that all tuner cards are in use.
To fix it I want to restart myth and tuner modules:
1) stop mythbackend
2) unload all tuner card modules (cx88_dvb, cx88_blackbird, cx88xx, cx88_alsa.. etc)
and on resume start it again.
But it seems that I cannot unload cx88_alsa because pulseaudio is using it. I've tried
sudo service pulseaudio stop
but it didn't stop the daemon.
When I edited the /etc/pulse/client.conf and set:
autospawn = no
daemon-binary = /usr/bin/true
then I could stop the service but after the reboot I haven't got any sound.
So what is the proper way to handle pulseaudio stop?