Hi all,

I just did a dumb thing. I was working on a paper in Libreoffice, opened an earlier version to extract something, kept working on what I suddenly thought was the wrong version so closed it without saving changes. Only to realise I'd closed the wrong one! It wasn't long at the machine, but the stuff was gold! lol

Anyway, thinking all is good as it did an autosave while I was sitting there thinking, I closed Libreoffice (perhaps the second mistake), went to the folder where the autosaved versions should be. Nothing. Zilch. Empty. I'm shattered but don't want anyone else to be.

I know there is no way to get the data back, my fault and all, but that is a serious bug. Think I'll look into filing a bug report or see if there is one anywhere. Openoffice was always faultless for me in all other Ubuntu's. Since the switch in 12.04 Libreoffice has been glitchy and Openoffice is a nightmare to install now, which is why I'm using LO.