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Thread: GRUB 2.0 vs GRUB 1.99 - Long Entries

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    Re: GRUB 2.0 vs GRUB 1.99 - Long Entries

    There are some bugs and GRUB 2.0 has the same long entries.
    If you are using Grub 2.0 in the MBR of your booting disk this was corrected by Colin already with changes to the grub-prober script.

    The issue with long entries has to do with Grub 1.99 being in your MBR of booting disk and Grub 2.0 being installed elsewhere.
    the old grub-prober cannot parse the entries from Grub 2 correctly.
    So if you have Grub 2 in charge of booting then there is not that issue. i.e. long entries.
    Granted things have changed with what is presented in the menu but that is an easy adjustment.
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