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I hope it's not me or my hardware, but the last week or so, Compiz has become extremely unstable. Within 3-10 hours of a reboot, almost inevitably I'll come up against:

1) a frozen desktop, or one that is completely corrupted;
2) a desktop that will refuse to return from the screensaver, requiring a hard reboot, which is always fun;
3) a "broken cube," as it were -- a desktop which refuses to spin to reveal any other desktops. In the past, when Compiz crashed in this fashion, it was considerate enough to arrange all open windows from other desktops on the remaining one, but the most recent version of Compiz do not do this.

I understand this isn't the best place to post this -- however 1) when I look at the lengthy list of Compiz bugs on Launchpad, I don't really see anything germane because 2) I don't really know where to look to find. In fact, [the few] times when the crash reporter pops up to ask me if I'd like to report the bug, it asks me something impenetrable or irrelevant.

So -- I guess one reason I'm posting here is I don't find another Compiz thread, and the discussion here has been intelligent and well-informed.

1) Where should I look to find the bug to report?
2) Is there any particular feature I should try disabling to stabilize things?
3) As I mentioned earlier, I had trouble with the the older version of Compiz, so am unwilling to use the back version. I really have grown quite fond of Unity, but while an occasional crash is acceptable, inevitable ones really aren't. Should I just go to Gnome 3?
According to isantop in this thread, using things such as the Compiz Cube will make Unity mess up due to it not being made to use it.