I'm posting here rather than in the Installation section of the Forum, as I'm really a Ubuntu newbie. I've just tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit for dual booting with Win 7 on my laptop using the Live CD and beginning at the first Install screen (rather than going to the Ubuntu desktop). I was following an excellent tutorial and successfully shrunk my Windows partition. I created partition for root, boot, home and swap and placed GRUB in the Ubuntu /boot partition. I continue through to the installation process until the "Who are you" screen appeared, but I could not go on. The "continue" button was unresponsive (although I could go back). After a long wait I gave up and rebooted in Windows with no problem (because the MBR was unchanged, I believe). The new partitions are evident. 1. If I want to try the Ubuntu installation again, what should I do? Would I leave all the new partitions as is? Can I avoid the same freeze? I've read about using the command line for an apparently similar problem, but is this done from the Live CD? 2. I made a Macrium disk image prior to starting this. Would using this overwrite the new partitions I created and restore my hard drive, thereby reclaiming all the inaccessible space? I'm reluctant to compound the damage. Right now I can use the computer with Win 7, albeit with a reduced size hard drive. Thank you!