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Thread: Setting a wireless router - DSL pppoe

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    Setting a wireless router - DSL pppoe


    I have an ad hoc setup on my laptop to share its Internet connection and now bought a wireless router (Trendnet TEW-432BRP).
    But don't know where in its configuration to enter the below details. Can someone please point out or let me know if it's even possible.

    For internet access, there is a LAN cable coming in from ISP and has a static IP on it. Then there is a PPPoE connection which I have to dial to get connected to Internet.

    LAN IP - 169.254.xx.xx
    subnet -
    gateway -

    PPPoE uses a username and password. The connection is also restricted to a MAC address, my laptop's MAC in this case. I probably would also need MAC cloning. Is that true?

    Thanks for any pointers.
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