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I just thought of something very easy to implement, which has the potential to solve the problems partially.

When we search the Dash for something, the results (Books, Videos, CD covers) images (the thumbnails) are a separate part of the process.

If you add a checkbox in config/privacy:
[X] Show media thumbnails in the Dash search results.

- When checked it shows the media thumbnails.
- When not checked, it shows a CD/Video/Book icon.

I was too lazy to go further (Friday night and I'm tired). But replacing the thumbnails is totally doable. I used the "blank sheet of paper" icon.


That way, traffic is still generated by us so companies still get their money, users can choose to allow visual intrusion or not in their Dash, there's no need to ask ordinary users to uninstall packages.

I just disabled 'Techno" in filters and those "a$$ups" are gone ! errr .. or did somebody already do this ?